Your Body, You Decide

Empowering women – Because nobody should dictate to you about your sexual or reproductive health decisions.

About Me

SO.. who am I? and why do I want to help you?

Hello ladies, I’m Denise.

I’ve been a qualified Nurse for over 5 years and I have always worked in female health services! My background includes everything within gynaecology services, breast cancer services and my current position as a Nurse Practitioner within reproductive health choices, including sexual health.

I see many, many, women every day. With concerns about unplanned pregnancies, nightmares with contraception that just doesn’t suit them, or contraception that keeps failing them.

Many women don’t understand how their contraception works or how to use it correctly to ensure it is working at its full potential. And more importantly many women just don’t know about the number of choices available to them other than the standard contraceptive pill.

I am here to help you understand your reproductive health better, to educate you about contraceptive choices. Giving you the power to take control, because this is YOUR body after all right? You should be in control of your own body.


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