Your Body, You Decide

Empowering women – Because nobody should dictate to you about your sexual or reproductive health decisions.


Welcome to Your Body, You Decide. Created with women of all ages in mind to provide you with factual information that enables you to make informed choices about YOUR female health issues, that you feel are right for YOU. (Specifically sexual/reproductive health and contraception).

Not all options are going to work for every woman and that is why there are so many options available – but this can leave our heads in a spin about what to do!

In todays society there are too many “helpful” people who wish to tell us all about what they think is the best option for us, what has worked well for them, or their friend or their sister etc. Of course, this all ends up being quite unhelpful, because all of those people are not YOU.

And for you teenagers out there, it can be quite scary for you. You will have so many questions about contraception, what will it do to my body? Will it affect my future fertility? and of course many young people out there have many horror stories to tell (most of them untrue).

The most important thing no matter your age, is that you are able to choose something that you feel comfortable with, so that you are appropriately protected from unwanted pregnancy, that your health is unaffected and that you are safe!

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